We Are Designsake Studio–
What We Do

We launch modern businesses through adaptive strategy, compelling design, and side-by-side partnership.

We collaborate with our clients to understand, expand, and enhance their product, experience, or service. We use strategic thinking to solve problems, spark innovation, and create value.

Our Mission
Our Thinking
The Company You Keep

The values we hold as individuals are reflected by the brands we let into our lives. This is why we work with our clients to translate their core values into meaningful strategy.

Tangible Experiences that Build Trust

We create tangible experiences enriched with sentiments and signals; no gesture is too big or small to communicate your message. We work with you to design opportunities that deliver ony our promise time and time again.

Designed to Align

From identities to packaging, we design with research and overall strategy in mind. We manifest your vision into intentional visual narratives that reflect an in-depth understanding of your brand at it's very best.

Better Together

We are deeply devoted to our clients and know our best work comes from working together. Whether you're a fresh startup or an established company with years of experience under your belt, we cultivate teams and processes to deliver exactly what you need.We will be with you every step of the way.

Our Team
Danielle McWaters
Founder, Creative Director
Amy Karpowicz
Project Manager
Rosanne Chan
Phill Mamula
Web Designer

Designsake is an award-winning agency and has been featured in publications and resource books such as Dieline, BranD, MindSparkle, Studio AC, and Word Brand Design.

Our Clients

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Positioning
Content Creation
Digital Media
Product Development
Web Design
Web Development